Fun for Kids

Kids love Idaho potatoes just as much as adults so we created this page for them! There are activities for kids of all ages — from toddlers learning to color to tweens yearning for an interactive experience. The activities are also great for teachers looking to embellish their lesson plans. Enjoy!!

Potato Play Dough

You've heard of play dough, but what about Potato Dough? Yes, you can make Potato Dough using Idaho potatoes. And, it’s super easy! Bake about a half dozen russets, wait until they’re cool, then mash with flour and water. The kids will love to roll up their sleeves and dig into this project. Have plenty of food coloring on hand and let the imaginations go wild!

  1. Bake 5-6 Idaho® russet potatoes.
  2. Let cool and then remove the skins.
  3. Using a potato masher, or a stand mixer, mash the potatoes. No need to add any liquid or seasonings since we aren’t going to eat these.
  4. Add about 3/4 cup of flour for every 1 cup of mashed potatoes. Gradually knead the dough. The more you knead, the more malleable and less sticky it will become. If it’s too sticky, add a little more flour.
  5. Divide the dough and knead in a few drops of liquid food color to create the different colors of dough.
  6. Store dough in an airtight or zipper bag when not in use.

Fun Downloads!

If you’re planning a road trip or just want the kids to disconnect from their electronics for a bit, downloadable activity pages like a world search, a short potato pop quiz and coloring book can be printed and tucked away until you need them. If the kids are fans of the Big Idaho Potato Truck they’ll especially love the maze featuring the 4-ton spud and Spuddy Buddy, the Idaho Potato Commission’s mascot. The pages are fun, easy, and promise to keep the kids engaged and learning about America’s favorite veggie!

Idaho® Potato Coloring Book
Idaho® Potato Coloring Book Download
Idaho® Potato Quiz
Idaho® Potato Quiz Download In Color
Idaho® Potato Maze
Idaho® Potato Maze Download In Color
Idaho® Potato Word Search
Idaho® Potato Word Search Download In Color

Kid-Friendly Recipes

If the kids suddenly crave potatoes, we have a selection of recipes they'll love. French fries are always a winning dish. Fresh or frozen, toss your fries in the oven and while they’re baking the kids can make dipping sauces. Tex-Mex Ketchup, Bacon-Cheddar Ranch and Easy Microwave Cheese Sauce are all easy to make, which is important in case you run out of sauce before before you’re fries are finished! Our extensive recipe database has everything from soups to nachos to cookies to the best potato salads you can imagine! Bookmark the ones you like by clicking on the heart so they're easy to find when you’re ready to make them.

Online Games

If Internet connection is available, the kids will love these interactive games. They can build their own baked potato and learn how the toppings they chose effect the nutritional profile of the potato, including the number of calories. Their favorite activity will likely be a questionnaire to find out what kind of potato they are. As a bonus they’ll find out their favorite song so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to play “Drop it Like It’s Hot” by Snoop Dog” — the song associated with baked potatoes.


Potato Painting

Eggs can be a little hard to come by these days, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t do a colorful art project! The key is to soak the peeled potatoes 20-30 minutes in water with a couple of tablespoons of either lemon juice or vinegar. This will keep the potatoes from browning. Dry them completely and let your little Potato Picassos go wild! Some ideas include:

  • Paint with watercolor or acrylic paints.
  • Push decorations like buttons or pins into the potato.
  • Embellish with ribbon or pipe cleaners.

The sky is really the limit! Come up with some creative solutions? Share them with us on our Facebook page.

Pinterest has lots of ideas for Easter potato stamps too!

Big Idaho® Potato Truck

Have you seen our four-ton potato that travels the country spreading potato happiness everywhere it goes? Click here to see a video of how the potato was built and meet the Tater Team!

And if you’re wondering if it’s a real potato, our answer is it’s really awesome!

Have You Ever Wanted to Sleep in a Giant Potato?

How do you dispose of a 6-ton spud made of steel, plaster and concrete? You don’t. You recycle it and turn it into the Big Idaho® Potato Hotel, the only potato hotel in the world! The 28-foot long, 12-foot wide and 11.5-foot tall potato is firmly planted in an expansive field in South Boise with breathtaking views of the Owyhee Mountains.

Click here to see more pictures and get all the details!