Why Export?

  1. Increase sales – New customers! Approximately 95% of the world’s population and 2/3 of the purchasing power are outside US borders.
  2. Improve profits – Idaho® potatoes command a higher price in export markets. (use truck/container graphic)
  3. Diversification – Customers in international markets mean your business will be less vulnerable to downturns in the US.
  4. Long-term security – The US is a mature market with decreasing potato consumption and intense domestic competition. Establishing export businesses can increase potential demand
  5. Sell excess production - for human consumption instead of animal feed.
  6. Idaho Potato Commission has your back – We will support you and your export partners in marketing endeavors.
  7. Premium products - US Ag products are recognized as high quality products around the world – and almost everyone has heard of Idaho® potatoes.
  8. Competitive strike – Our neighboring states are big players in the current export markets. It’s time to up your game in the global playing field.