Grilling Season is Officially Open

Warm up the BBQ because it’s Grillin’ Time!

For those of us in states with harsh winters grilling is synonymous with sunshine, good times and great food! Who doesn’t love a grilled baked potato that’s crispy on the outside and hot and fluffy on the inside? But, don’t bake your potatoes in foil. The foil traps the moisture from the potato and steams it rather than bakes it. 

If you’re hankering to try something different, we’ve got an impressive and delicious collection to share. Idaho® Potato Grilled Pizza is definitely unique! Pizza dough is topped with thinly sliced zucchini and Idaho® potatoes, leek halves and covered with pepper Jack cheese. And believe it or not it’s cooked on the grill!

For a more potato-centric side, try Crispy Grilled Potatoes. Potato chunks are coated in olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, skewered and grilled. Easy Peasy! No matter how you prepare them, Idaho® potatoes are always great!