Aristocrat In Burlap
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Acknowledgments The author of Aristocrat in Burlap would like to express sincere appreciation to many people for help and assistance during the original compilation of this book and to others who contributed information for this revised and updated edition. To make a complete list of all the people to whom we are indebted would take too much space here, but they were very necessary to the story.

Much of the book was "written" by people who will never read it. As the words were put down on paper explaining their actions of many days past, we couldn't help but admire their devotion to the idea that the potato was a "great agricultural product" for the state of Idaho. For without these people, our story would just be beginning.

There are some people who helped with information and material that must be noted.

Taped interviews proved a very good way to assimilate information. Our special thanks to Ronald Ball, Ken Bergquist, Bob Brown, Gerry Christensen, Harry Fitch, Lester Golden, John Greenlee, R. Keith Higginson, Emil Johnson, Jim Kraus, Edd Moore, Allen Noble, J. R. Simplot, Walter Sparks, and Winslow Whiteley.

We also appreciated the assistance of Leonard Arrington, Mrs. Merle Clayville, Harold Hampton, Mrs. Rolland Jones, Dr. Ed Owens, R. H. Seymour and Mikel Williams. Special thanks are also due Nikki Stilwell who contributed to the original version.

The search for pictures was greatly facilitated by the Idaho Historical Society, Union Pacific Railroad, the University of Idaho, the J. R. Simplot Company, and the historical department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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